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Based on 35 years of classroom experience, our High School Math Flashcards are social, low-stress, high-fun,  and super effective.  Everyone will enjoy this new routine, even the most shy and anxious students !

Using our High School Math Flashcards once a month in your classroom will produce results. The method engages ALL students to interact on a SOCIAL level. Students relax and succeed ! No teacher waiting for the correct answer. No need for pencil or paper. Each card is a stand-alone fact with detailed back side showing more than just an answer.


Stress levels go down because students interact with one another while you (the teacher) discreetly roam the classroom observing and listening. Your role is surprisingly easy: ring the bell every 5 minutes, rotate seats so students have new partners, change the tunes, occasionally explain when a flashcard baffles both students, and best of all... watch your students have fun while learning math!

Even the  most shy students will engage.  In just 30 minutes, every student will have practiced more than 300 High School Math Flashcard facts!  No worksheet or App can touch this.

Discover the possibilities with your own customized collection of High School Math Flashcards,  with 38  Decks  to choose from.  Your students will love the change of routine and the social element when you take one class a month to use them.

              Making Math Easier

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