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 Read What Teachers & Students Say...


" I gave Will (4th grader) 2 Decks  which I bought at your booth.  He studied them for a month. Then he placed in the top 10 of our State Math Competition.
These flashcards are truly phenomenal ! "

Will's Math Coach
Beehive Science and Tech Academy

"Yes, my  home school  kids have accelerated their Math learning due to the flashcards.
I have also benefited by reviewing the concepts.    It's just great to brush up on things."

Homeschooling Dad from Florida



"I observed a few sessions.  The kids were clearly having a good time and the authentic learning and student engagement was off the charts."


"The Math Wiz Flashcards routine is probably my favorite.  It's way more fun than listening to another lecture or doing another worksheet. And when I get a  card wrong, it's no big deal.  My friend just explains it."


"I scored 6 on my High Level  IB test. I was skeptical the first we used them..

but honestly the cards were fun to use... so yeah,  they work ."


“Rick invited me into his classroom just to show off his Math Wiz Flashcards. He was so passionate to share I couldn't turn him down. And no kidding, I was impressed. The authentic learning and student engagement were off the charts. I saw students explaining the answers to their friends. I saw shy students talking that I never hear talking in my Chemistry class. Wow!"

Ahmad (IGCSE Combined Science, IB Chemistry, England)

“When I visited Rick's class he was excited to demonstrate his Flash Cards. Clearly students already knew the routine, so setting it all up took just a minute. It looked chaotic for a moment and I thought I had never seen a teacher so confidently give up control. But as the routine unfolded and he and I talked and watched the kids going back and forth, laughing and helping one another, I realized he was in control. The event was marvelous."

Rasika (IB Director, Mauritania)

"I have been using the decks for review in preparation of our semester exam. It has been going great, and the students love it!  One of our school coordinators already has it on her list to purchase some next year for other classrooms!   Thank you, "


Somerset Academy

"Love Love Love the cards. The kids were engaged and they are super convenient and challenging.

Thank you so much. "


Clinton Public Schools

           Making Math Easier

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