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3 Minute Videos can Help Make Math Easier

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

l created High School and Middle School Math Content Flashcards during the past 20 years. And I used these cards to fantastic effect in my IB and other Math classes. The students loved them. REALLY LOVED THEM. After retiring I started producing my hand-created cards professionally. 2 years of COVID gave me the time to do it.

And now they're ready for your classes ! The card routine is super Social, peer to peer interaction, low stress, and high fun. Every 5 minutes I changed seats to recreate a new Social moment. In 25 minutes students can actually practice 300 cards. An astounding effective use of time, once a month.

Now I am creating short, bite sized, 3 minute videos to support many of these Decks.

Topic focused, short and sweet. It takes me 3 hours (on average) to create each video, trying to pare it down to 3 minutes, and often forced to narrow the topic. Perfect stuff for the typical student who is fixated on short FB videos and shorter twitter posts and short attention spanned.

Please check out these Videos at my site ...Making Math Easier

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