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3 Minute Videos can Help Make Math Easier

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

l created High School and Middle School Math Content Flashcards during the past 20 years. And I used these cards to fantastic effect in my IB and other Math classes. The students loved them. REALLY LOVED THEM.

After retiring I started producing my hand-created cards professionally. 2 years of COVID gave me the time to do it. And now they're ready for your classes !

The card routine is super Social, peer to peer interaction, low stress, and high fun. Every 5 minutes I change seats to recreate a new Social moment. In 25 minutes students can actually practice 300 cards. An astounding effective use of time, once a month.

Lately I have begun to create short, bite sized, 3 minute videos to support many of these Decks. Topic focused, short and sweet. It takes me 3 hours (on average) to create each video, trying to pare it down to 3 minutes. Perfectly designed for today's adolescent who is entertained by short FB videos and shorter twitter posts.

Please check out these Videos at my site ...Making Math Easier

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